Marketing Support

You can proudly promote the fact that you are creating safe spaces with the most innovative UVC device on the market!

In our mission to provide safe and clean environments, it is also our goal to provide peace of mind.  That’s why we’re offering a collection of marketing collateral with the purchase of every UVC Purelight 360™ device. These complimentary items will give your customers, guests, and clients the confidence to enter your business knowing it is a sanitized and disinfected environment.

Door Hang Tag

Our simple, yet highly visible door tag lets people know that UVC disinfection is in progress. Includes an optional suction cup to hang directly on a door with no handle.

UVC PureLight 360(TM) Key Card

Key Card

The electronic key slot card is another effective option to let guests know that UVC disinfection is in progress.

UVC PureLight 360(TM) Table Tent Card

Table Tent Card

Place our table tent card on tables, desktops or counters to let visitors, customers, and guests know that your space is safe and disinfected.

Window Decal

Window Decal

Apply our removable window decals to display your commitment to providing a safe space with UVC PureLight 360™ sanitization and disinfection system.

UVC Dosimeter

Leave this small card in the space you’d like to disinfect before you run UVC PureLight 360™. It is made of a special ink that reacts to UVC exposure, so you can confirm that the device is operating properly.

UVC PureLight 360(TM)

Digital Graphics

Utilize our digital graphics on your website, social media properties, or emails to show your staff, customers and guests that you are committed to creating safe spaces and providing peace of mind.

Create Safe Spaces + Provide Peace of Mind